Leah Decter

castor canadensis: provokas

FiedlWorks Installation Site

A durational performance/site specific installation, Castor Canadensis: Provokas is the third in the Castor Canadensis series and part of an ongoing practice of enacting interventions into tropes of Canadian land/scape. Taking its title from the Latin term for ‘Canadian’ beaver, the Castor Canadensisseries enlists the beaver as an avatar of Canadian history, trade, commerce and constructed settler identity subverting its position as a nationalist icon. As a collaboration with the beaver and an intervention into the land/scape relocating and reconfiguring the detritus of the their industry, Castor Canadensis: Provokas considers a layering of territorial complicity in the interruption of original lines of habitation. My interest in this work was to transverse visible and invisible evidence, marking the labour attached to colonial place-making and practices of decolonization.

link to: “Adressing the Settler Problem” in Fuse Magazine, 2013. Leah Decter and Carla Taunton

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